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issue : Avant-attaque

+++ 20120430 JINMO news ! !!!!! +++

Yola sup dood, how r u mang?
We are super hyper mega giga fine!
JINMO has just released his 116th album "Life 120414".


"I think it is wrong that people die for "politics" or "economy", however I don't think it is wrong that people die for "religion", "science" or "art".
Moreover, I do believe that people shoud be ready to risk their life for it."

JINMO's 116th album, "Life 120414".

Following the live album, it should be called "Life" album...
The 3rd album of the great popularity "Life" series, it is the live
recording of his unaccompanied guitar solo show.

Yes, it is his "Life 120414".
This is a live recording of his live show held on Saturday 14 April 2012.
After the show "Life 120414" on Saturday 14th April, JINMO found serious abnormalities on his heart. As soon as audiences left the venue, he had transported to Saint Luke's International Hospital in an ambulance.
He was diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction and received emergency surgery.
(He progressed favorably and already left the hospital.)

This is the documentary on several ten minutes before his death.
In the midst of this performance, the part of JINMO's heart has cut off blood flow and began to die.
It is literally deadly explosive performance, without any metaphors.
The sound in the midst of his death.
This is the posthumous work of the former JINMO.
(He is powered up as the further, reborn JINMO.)

Instrument that he played is "Jinmoid".
Effector is the special device "Shoujou" (heaven and earth) which is jointly developed with Ideyha.
Amplifier is his recent favorite ZT Amp's "Lunchbox".
It is exactly fresh raw sound!

The show was in the intense roaring sound in maximum 120dB.
Incidentally, the sound pressure level in a noisy factory is 90dB, train passing on railway underpass is 100dB, machine riveting and car horn makes 110dB, and 120dB is the sound pressure around the jet engine on the plane.
This 120dB is certainly sound level to affect the human body.

The recording has done completely with stereo microphone, without any line signals at all.
10 minutes of intense play on the second half is singled out from about 1 hour of his play, we've made the track as an album.
The track has only fixed the sound quality on the editing but it is exactly raw sound on the show.
No overdubbing on editing, no effect such as samplers on playing.
Every sound emitted only by a guitar and JINMO's two arms (sometimes he used his tongue though!).

Everytime after JINMO's show, audiences talk about their surprise and excitement with a lot of words such as "shooting", "barrage" or "bombing. JINMO's explosive performance on this show is exactly it is.
The sound remind us the most intensive battle scene of the movie "Apocalypse Now". Yes, it is the sound in the midst of madness.

Following description is JINMO's words in the invitation to the show "Life 120414".

. . .

"Two major activities as a musician, "concert" and "composing".
Of these, I've realized almost of my ideal for composing by download release from Avant-attaque.
It made possible to liberate the release timing in response to the intention of the artist, and fully liberalization of contents or sizes.

And the other one, concert, I have attempted various styles to be close to my ideal for a long time.
I wish my concerts would be the "birthplace of new things".
Strongly, I strongly wish so.
That's the place there are no pre-established harmony, no trial-and-error or expressions for the expectations of audiences.
There is Jubilus to meet unexpected "something new", and I wish to be illuminated by unexpected Jubilus that even the player itself unexpected.
At the same time, I wish the people who were there, were not mere spectators.
I wish they were witnesses of an event or a phenomenon, were spiritual cooperators who wish the coming of Jubilus with me, and I wish they were the one who illuminated by Jubilus to meet "something new".
I gave a name "Life" to the jubilant moment that born "something new".
Life is live, life is everyday.
The place suitable for the birth of new things, it would not be an existing commercial space for music industry.
At last we got the place ready for it.
And the people who being illuminated by Jubilus together, I decided to limit the invitation to the one who would be Jubilus.
The attendees for the occasion, are 12 people except me.
At last, I wish you would be the one of them, I strongly wish so.


. . .

This concert "Life", has produced by JINMO in order to be "birthplace of new things" by JINMO, and the intention has been splendidly realized.
This is it, its recording.

Similar to previous "Life" album, cover design and cover picture by photographer Toru Tanno.
There's nothing better than this to represent the "birthplace of new things".

This album "Life 120414" would be the must listen album for all JINMO manias.
By all means, please enjoy at blasting volume so rad!

Just 23 days passed since the release of previous album "Ginza Rain", JINMO's 116th album "Life 120414" (97th from Avant-attaque) is now available on Avant-attaque!
Needless to say, but it comes with AAC (320kbps) high quality sounds.

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque

+++ 20120424 JINMO news ! !!!!! +++

Yola sup dood, how r u mang?
We inform you that we had the biggest accident since the first issue of "JINMO news" or since the first issue of the predecessor "JINMO newsletter (issued in 1990)".


After the private live "Life 120414" on Saturday 14th April, JINMO found serious abnormalities on his heart, and he had transported to Saint Luke's International Hospital in an ambulance.
He was diagnosed with acute myocardial infarction and received emergency surgery.
According to the surgeon, it was a critical state that he would be died if the transport was delayed, and 50% of patients will be died even though they are arriving at hospital and received emergency surgery.

Surgery had performed with state-of-the-art technology as a conscious surgery.
During the surgery of his own heart, his consciousness is completely calm, and he continued the conversation with the surgeon calmly and cooperated to carry out more precise and smooth operation.

After the surgery, JINMO said "I risked my life for my expression".

In the first 30 hours after surgery are critical, so JINMO had been fixed on the bed in the intensive care unit to get ready for re-operation.
However, JINMO showed unusually rapid recovery in just two nights in the intensive care unit. On the third day, he moved to the ward (private room) and made his medical team surprised.
As soon as he moved to the ward, he said " Give it to me!" and picked up the ballpoint pen from nurse and started to draw nanoZen on the paper at hand (it was on the backside of food menu for patients of printer paper).
He surprised his medical team time to time.
And the new nanoZen had completed as "nanoZen 065" on the day before he left the hospital .

And just one week later, he left the hospital on Saturday 21st.
And the next day, on Sunday 22nd, soon he played explosive performance in front of participants of his class and applicants.

Just several tens of minutes before the open-heart surgery, it was a live documentary of dying JINMO's heart.
"Life 120414" live recording version which had possibility of being his posthumous work, the recording state is very well, it would be released in the near future.
And we determined that the release of his explosive live performance on the day after leaving the hospital as the working title "After Life 120422".
The cycle of Life, the cry of death and the Jubilus birth cry of new born JINMO.
Please look forward to JINMO's expression at the risk of his life which is the live documentary of his life, not a metaphor.

The death and resurrection of JINMO, it was miraculously on Easter.
Please stay tuned to the future activities of JINMO who significantly ascended to the next stage both in physically and spiritually.

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque

+++ 20120407 JINMO news ! !!!!! +++

Yola sup dood, how r u mang?
We are super hyper mega giga fine!

JINMO has just released his 115th album "Ginza Rain".
We are happy to announce the release of "Ginza Rain" for download and@"Ginza Rain" in High Quality CD at the same time.

JINMO's 115th solo album, it's crowning the title "Ginza Rain".

"I like the sound of rain, especially the sound of rain before dawn.
The rhythm is plectics pulse.
Interval of every drop, it is simple to infinity at microcosmic view, is the time of extremely complex systems at macrocosmic view.
This work is plectics pulse of the sound of rain.
Ginza Rain, it functions as the device of magic rituals such as the concatenation of genesis and future, it wets my body, but it also wets my spirit."

"The Father of quark" Murray Gell-Mann, a Nobel Laureate in Physics, a distinguished fellow of the Santa Fe Institute known as study of complex adaptive systems, has suggested the concept of his research theme as "Plectics".
"Plectics" is a coined word that combined 2 latin words of@"simplicity" and "composite".
"Plectics pulse" by JINMO, is an inherited the concept of Dr.Gell-Mann which is the "simplicity" and "complexity" are not contradictory, and it is considered to be undifferentiated rhythm expression in musical time perception.
It is not an artificial "rhythm" that has periodic repetition on the premise, it is suggested to be more free-wheeling "pulse" at the same time.

Every rainy day, JINMO always posts about the beauty of the sound of falling rain on the Twitter. We would understand that he feels the beauty not only with the tone but also with the rhythms as plectics pulse by this album and his words on the above.

This album "Ginza Rain" is the orchestration album made of only computer generated sound.
Similar to "Miryam", "Fetishia" and "tar", the complex and dense multi-layered rhythms are quite differs from rhythms originated in common Western music.
It sounds fanatical primitive magic music, but also sounds quite futuristic cyber techno.
It sounds urban and futuristic, it also sounds like the sound of rain pouring into the primitive sea before the rise of mankind in the ancient time.

Enjoy the raindrops of plectics pulse, enjoy the mysterious beauty of rain, feel the drops of falling rain with your body and your spirit!

It has just 9 days passed since the release of previous album "Lovedist", JINMO's 115th solo album (96th album from Avant-attaque) "Ginza Rain" is now available in Avant-attaque!
Needless to say but it comes with AAC(320kbps) high quality sound.

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque

+++ 20120404 JINMO news ! !!!!! +++

Yola sup dood, how r u mang?
We are super hyper mega giga fine!
Prepare everybody for the big surprise, we are happy to announce that JINMO will be on road!
No way, rainy day, JINMO will have live performance in West Japan!
It's only just one stage!
Must see, must listen, it would be must experience show!
Don't miss it!!!!


These years, JINMO have not went on the road for a long time.
It has been a long time since November 2010, except the performance at the venue of his solo exhibition "Explosibition - id -" in Osaka, Nagoya and Himeji.

We are sure that it would be the must see show!
Moreover, this is not a tour, just one performance only!
The venue is in the clothing shop in Tamashima of Kurashiki City!!
We will bring big PA for JINMO's explosive performance there! ! !

Detailed information as follows;

DATE : Monday, April 9th 2012
LOCATION : TOPS Shopping Mall 1651-1 Tamashima, Kurashiki, Okayama 713-8102
PHONE : 086-526-3976

Schedule, admission etc...please contact to M.A.KRAFT directly for more information.