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issue : Avant-attaque

+++ 20110926 JINMO news ! / solo show: "Burnt Offerings: The 13th sacrifice" !!!!! +++

"Burnt Offerings: The 13th sacrifice"

"The alter of sacrifice", JINMO often uses metaphor to describe his stage.
This show entitled "Burnt Offerings".
On his stage, every offering will be burnt in the sacred fire made of the sound he plays,
like ancient ceremony "Burnt offerings".

JINMO would make quite new attempt , it would be intense live performance like his legendary live performance "Ascension Spectacle".

Don't miss JINMO's killer solo guitar playing!!!

In the venue, PA speakers are set on four corners, audiences will be required to lie down radially on red carpet with their head toward the center of a circle.
There are very intense strobe lights (high brightness 288 pieces of LED!) just a few feet above the audiences.
For about 90 minutes of performance, audiences will be exposed to high-speed flickering stimulus unable to shut intense lights though they close their eyes.
This will be the furious show comparable to legendary "Ascension Spectacle".

- Important notice -

To ensure your safety, we take out the chair from the venue and we will ask every audience to lie down on his back on the floor.
No standees allowed. We will make the entry restrictions if audiences will be reached full the floor.
Admission will be on the basis of first come-first serve. We recommend you to admit early for your ensure admission, or higher experience at the central localization to get sound effects.

We are very sorry but pregnant woman and people with epilepsy, heart disease or general health restrictions are not allowed to join this show.

No shoes allowed on red carpet. No worries to get soiled.

"Burnt Offerings: The 13th sacrifice"

Monday, 3 October 2011

Bullet's, Roppongi

LOCATION: Kasumi Bldg B1F, 1-7-11 Nishiazabu, Minato, Tokyo
5 minutes walk from Exit #2 of Roppongi subway station.
PHONE: +81-3-3401-4844
OPEN: 19:00
SHOW: 20:00
ENTRANCE FEE: JPY 2,600 (Extra charge for beverage)

No dress code required. You can enjoy the show with your own style.

+++ 20110926 JINMO news! "id 2" Nagoya" Extended and BIGAKKO Special Lecture!!!!! +++

Yola sup dood, how r u mang? We are super hyper mega giga fine!

On Sunday 25 June, JINMO's 2nd solo Exhibition JINMO Explobition "id 2 :NAGOYA" had ended with an excellent reputation.
However, JINMO prolonged his exhibition for further a month, until the end of October upon far exceeded expectations.
You can appreciate / purchase 13 pieces of nanoZen collecsion including huge nanoZen work "nanoZen 001" at BDSM bar "R".
Dear our friends in Chukyo area, please don't miss your chance to experience microscopic world of BAKUBOKU over resolution of human eye.

Finally, the day has come!
JINMO's BIGAKKO Special Lecture is 2011 coming back!
We appreciate excellent reputations for BIGAKKO Special Lecture 2011
in this summer, "The brain response to auditory sense and emotion / JINMO", it will be held on every Tuesday for 4 weeks on 27 September through 25 October in BankArt Yokohama.

Yokohama Triennale 2011, Shin Minatomura and Koganecho Bazaar, 3 big events being held currently in Yokohama.
And BIGAKKO special lectures will be held in September at Shin Minatomura ( .
Don't miss the chance to take JINMO's special lectures "The brain response to auditory sense and emotion" in Yokohama, something different from ordinary.
(BIGAKKO students receive 20% discount for tuition, please state that you are BIGAKKO student when you apply.)

"The brain response to auditory sense and emotion"

It is intelligent entertainment for all who aspire to expression.
Components of generic music, the difference between pure temperament and equal temperament, cry / laugh, unrecognizable frequency range of human hearing, illusion caused by the brain ...
With special acoustic experience and his performance, JINMO reveals acoustic phenomena act directly on human emotion.
He also gives lecture studying of the phenomenon as "improvisation", the womb of expression.

Vol.1 "How does butterfly fly Jubilus?" (27 September, 2011)
There's a movie just shows flying butterfly.
It seems happy when it comes with happy music on background but it seems sad when it comes with sad music.
What is the acoustic phenomenon that brings joy and pleasure to our consciousness?
JINMO reveals the acoustic phenomenon which affects directly for human emotions.

Lecturer: JIMMO (Composite artist / Acoustic specialist)
Capacity: 30 people
Schedule: 19:30 - Every Tuesday 27 September, 4 October, 18 October, 25 October
Participation fee;
1 lecture:??3,000 per lecture (20 people)
4 lectures: ??11,000
*Student receives 10% discount
*VISA / MASTER Credit cards are accepted (5% handling fee)

BankART Life III at Super School in Shin Minatomura
Address?FShinko Pier?@2-5, Naka-ku, Yokohama
Access: Bashamichi Station on the Yokohama Minatomirai Line.
Exit 6 (Aka Renga Warehouse Exit). A 15 minute walk from the station.

Information / Application;
To apply for JINMO's special lectures, please contact directly the BIGAKKO office by e-mail, phone or Fax.
Required information: , Name, Cellphone number and E-mail address.
Inquiries: BIGAKKO (Attn. : Fukushi)
Phone: 81-3-3262-2529
Fax: 81-3-3263-6708
(Inquiries by phone 13:00 - 18:00)
To apply for JINMO's special lectures, please contact directly the BIGAKKO office by e-mail, phone or Fax.
Required information: Selected course Date (number of lecture), Name, Cellphone number and
E-mail address.

+++ 20110916 JINMO news! "JINMO Expplobition "id 2" Nagoya" !!!!! +++

JINMO's 2nd solo Exhibition "JINMO Explobition -id 2-" at MAGIC ROOM??? in Ebisu, Shibuya. The exhibition extended another 2 weeks for excellent reputations and it ended with great success.
We appreciate excellent reputations.

And now, we are pleased to announce JINMO Explobition "id 2 :NAGOYA"!!!
On Tuesday 20st to Sunday 25th September 2011, views at BDSM BAR "R" NAGOYA.

"If you stare details at micro, you will always find chaos and God dwells in the midst of chaos.
Firing of my inheritance is fated to fervent uprising in the chaos.
See you in the chaos. I'm waiting for you in the chaos. "
-JINMO 03-06-2011-

"Id (Latin)" represents "Es" which is defined by Nietzsche and Freud.
Under the unconscious, id is the part which includes desire, impulse, emotions except unconscious defense.
It is considered that id originally includes all the instinctual impulses the destructive instinct 'death drive' as well as Eros or the life instincts".
This theory is based on a source of biological papers, id is filled with biological energy from the instincts. And it also includes the repression of early childhood.
Some conditions are met, id would be expressed in all the instinctual desire to break through the ego. To overcome impulse of id, or sublimate id, ego controls it like a man on horseback to hold in check the superior strength of the horse, id.
The id is considered that the workings of the hypothalamus.
(abridged quote from Wikipedia)

JINMO "id".

The string instrument "Jinmoid" released from BassLab Germany is also associated with "id".

JINMO's 2nd exhibition, "Explobition", it features his microscopic BAKUBOKU calligraphy "nanoZen" series.
With the cooperation of "Scalar Corporation" the world-leading manufacturer of high-quality microscope such as introduced to NASA, we will place many microscopes for higher experience of the beauty of microns.

It also features Prix de Caroline Lee awarded "nanoZen 002" at the 30th Salon de Finears Exhibition.
Ms.Caroline Lee the honorary and former chairwoman of "Salon de Mai" known as Picasso and Chagall had submitted their works in their life time, she really appreciated JINMO's "nanoZen 002" as "I really love this artwork, I want to live with this all through my life", and it had awarded for Prix de Caroline Lee at 30th Salon de Finears Exhibition. It was very first time in their 30 years history.
Addition to that, number of undisclosed new works, including the largest microscopic BAKUBOKU drawing "nanoZen 010" which had taken for 10 months since August 2010, will be exhibited.

Needless to say but you can buy every artworks on your view as you wish.

JINMO Explobition "id 2" Nagoya


8F Mets Bld. 4-4-4 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya

ON VIEW September 20th - 25th 2011
OPEN : 15:00~19:00 (entrance free)
OPEN : 19:00~ (add bar fee)


-Featured Events-


Tuesday 20th - Sunday 25th September
OPEN: 15:00 - 19:00 (Gallery hours Free Admission)
OPEN: 19:00 - (Bar hours, regular charge)
Special menu such as green tea and sweets are available on gallery hours.

"R" turns into gallery?!

A long waited, "JINMO's Explobition -id2-" is coming up to Nagoya!
The exhibition had great success at "MAGIC ROOM ???" Tokyo and "GALAXY GALLERY " Osaka.
And now "JINMO's Explobition -id2-" will be held at BDSM FETISH BAR "R".

Enjoy the extraordinary moment touching fine art and tea at the BDSM bar in the afternoon.
Mistress Rei Saeba and the staff are look forward to your visit.

*You can buy every artworks on display.

*Gallery hours end at 19:00 and bars hours start but you can enjoy the artworks on display.

*Except Sunday 25th, the artist JINMO will be at "R" during the exhibition. Do not miss the opportunity to meet amazing artist JINMO.

In this solo show, more than 20 pieces of JINMO's microscopic BAKUBOKU drawing "nanoZen" series will be on view.

If I describe JINMO's drawings in a word, it would be "stipple".
The dots incapable of capture with naked eyes, the aggregate appears completely different. It depends on viewer's optic nerve, visual angle, physical or mental condition.
"nanoZen", it's not for your eyes, it's for your sense.
(Rei Saeba)

Thursday, 22 September

Addmission: 2,000yen + regular charge
Starts at 22:30

Collaborative installation by JINMO and "BENI" the staff of "R".

Fusion of sound, calligraphy and drawing.
It's the universe created by JINMO.
And BENI being stabbed her back and hanged in the air.
JINMO and BENI, what would happen when they come into one?

The creator of "nanoZen" JINMO will have live performance at "Gallery de R".
BENI is his canvas, a part of his artwork and the performer.

it is the phenomenon caused by JINMO.
The calm and roaring from his inner sanctum, it is JINMO himself.
It has fierce force to gulp everything around there, not only the force on it own.

Do you remember the collaborative BAKUBOKU installation with Rei Saeba and RAM in 2004?
Splattering ink and tomato jerry, rope bondage...

It has been 7 years since the BAKUBOKU installation 2004, JINMO's
BAKUBOKU installation comes back to "R" again!
It is inexplicable, no, it needs no explanations!
You will witness and you will be a part of the universe! ! !

nanoZen collection

+++ 20110907 "JINMO Plays iPhone" !!!!! +++

DATE : Tuesday, 13 September 2011
PLACE : Apple Store Ginza

LOCATION : 3F Saegusa Bld. 3-5-12 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
PHONE : +81-3-5159-8200

OPEN : 18:30
SHOW : 19:00

Note: No photo shooting or recording is allowed in the store.

"JINMO Plays iPhone"

JINMO is known for advanced musical expression using mainly guitars, he gives performance with acoustic processing by connecting iPhone to "Jinmoid" his special structured guitar made of carbon resin in these years.
In this show, JINMO will give performance and commentary on the potential and practicability of iPhone as guitar equipment.
Moreover, Ęthe show will not limited in his guitar performance. You can enjoy his real time soundtrack play with music application run on iPad for the short silent film made in the early 20th century .
The movie which is added real time soundtrack is beautiful abstract silent film "Diagonal Symphony (Symphonie Diagonale)" by Gelling King Vision (Viking Eggeling) in 1924.
On his guitar performance, he will make demonstration and commentary with only guitar and AmpKit+ for iPhone. Addition to that, he plans to use Jasuto Pro and Reactable for iPad on the collaboration with silent films.

+++ 20110905 JINMO's 101st album, "Orchestrated Wires" has released. !!!!! +++

Yola sup dood, how r u mang? We are super hyper mega giga fine!
JINMO released his 101st album "Orchestrated Wires HQCD" from Avant-attaque!
*We are very sorry but "Avant-attaque HQCD" series will be shipped to Japan only.

And you can buy ""Orchestrated Wires HQCD" at JINMO's solo show "Burnt Offering; 12th Sacrifice" on Tuesday 6 September at Bullets, Roppongi.


JINMO's 101st unaccompanied guitar solo album, the title is "Orchestrated Wires".

You will hear the roar of rainbow shimmering beautiful Bio-mechanoids, the roar of jubilation on MITONOMAGUAI (mythical, ceremonial sex).
You will hear the beautiful, erotic harmony of myriad infinite length dragons intertwined like orbit. Their amorous moves beat organically the fluctuated rhythms.

I just wanted to remove the interference of pre established harmony without it loses depth or scale as symphony which is impossible to compose in improvisation.
The only trouble is, it takes time and effort.

JINMO 2011-09-05

According to descriptions by JINMO, the word in the title "Wires" means "group of nerves in the body, set the internal wiring of electronic equipment, basic elements of strings in superstring theory, and strings on guitar".
Therefore the title "Wires" indicates orchestrated image that intertwined multitudinous of things, things some kind of long.

The sound of "Orchestrated Wires", it is made of many parts including pan in concert with each other and they are orchestrated quite complex, so it supposed be given thorough elaborated mechanical composition. However it gives impression of improvisation filled with freewheeling organic anima on your ears.

You will hear the creak of erotic machines or the breath of mechanical species, and you will feel something exact opposition weaves beautiful chaos in a same space-time.

If you experience "Orchestrated Wires" with headphones at high volume, you will find an explosive silence, complicated purity, and the shimmers of boundlessly free "the beauty of innocence" in the
elaborately composed chaos.

"Orchestrated Wires" is a long waited guitar orchestration album since the release of "Binaural Guitars" (December 16 2011).
Enjoy the resonance of the sound of boundlessly free and innocence with your eardrum and your soul.
We recommend this album for the people who loves progressive contemporary music, edgy techno, experimental music and especially for all guitar lovers.

*We're very sorry but no international orders available on Avant-attaque HQCD.

We, Avant-attaque, released global AAC formated "Orchestrated Wires" for download but we also release higher quality version of "Orchestrated Wires" in CD (No international orders available) to take advantage of traits composited in a dense distribution of frequencies.
Enjoy uncompressed "Orchestrated Wires" at high quality 44.1kHz 16bit sound.
*Track listing is same to the download version.

Plus you can also get a free copy of "Orchestrated Wires" for download.
We will send you e-mail stating download URL and the code to your e-mail address when ordering.

( HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque)