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issue : Avant-attaque

+++ 20111229 JINMO news ! /106th music album, "Jubilus Ultra"!!!!! +++

yola sup doode, how r u mang?
JINMO's 106th album has released.

Our biggest hit, the famous "Jubilus" series which seemed to had been completed, the fourth "Jubilus Ultra" which is more beautiful and more addictive digital drug symphony has just been released with big surprise!

JINMO's 106th solo album, the title is "Jubilus Ultra".

[NOTE] Headphones listening required for high quality listening experience.

"Jubilus" means "alleluia of Joy" in Latin.

The biggest hit from Avant-attaque Download, the server crashed digital drug symphony "Jubilus Meditator", "Jubilus Activator" and "Jubilus Pulsar".
Red, Green and Blue.. for its cover design, some says this trilogy as"RGB, the trilogy of light".
We received reports about "Jubilus" experience from some listeners who got copies of Jubilus trilogy.
They have repeated deep listening to Jubilus series like monitoring themselves, and they recognized the altered state of consciousness under the influences of "Jubilus".

JINMOmanias and us, everyone thought that the series had been completed with the third album "Jubilus Pulsar".
However, JINMO's desire to make the best and the definitive album of the series had increased inside of him.
After an interval of about a year, it led us to this "Jubilus Ultra".

The brain produces a phenomenon resulting in low-frequency pulsations in the amplitude and sound localization of a perceived sound when two tones at slightly different frequencies are presented separately, one to each of a subject's ears, using stereo headphones. A beating tone will be perceived, as if the two tones mixed naturally, out of the brain.
The effect on the brainwaves depends on the difference in frequencies of each tone, for example, if 500 Hz was played in one ear and 510Hz in the other, then the Binaural beat would have a frequency of 10 cycles per second at 505Hz.
This effect was discovered in 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, and earned greater public awareness in the 1970s based on claims that binaural beats could help induce brainwave synchronizations. The research about them continued and it have been claimed to induce to the altered state of consciousness such as out-of-body experiences.

"Jubilus" series are composed of ultra dense harmonic binaural beat orchestration. And the rhythm of difference tones are made of particle drones that I used first time in the album "Sirius".
"Jubilus" means "Hallelujah of Joy" in Latin.
"Jubilus Ultra", it is chaos of binaural beats generated by swirling dense combination tone phenomenon.
The sound is so complicate to recognize enough with all bandwidth including ultrasound bandwidth beyond all audible bandwidth.
The experience listening "Jubilus Ultra" with headphones, it is "Jubilus" and so beautiful.
Since I had released "Jubilus Pulsar" about a year ago, I had desired "plus ultra" (further beyond). Then I got "ne plus ultra" (no more beyond).
Don't listen, just feel this 750 seconds. May the "Jubilus" be with you."

Red "Jubilus Activator", Green "Jubilus Meditator", Blue "Jubilus Pulsar", then Yellow "Jubilus Ultra".
As JINMO says, and as its title suggests, it is the "Plus Ultra".
Enjoy "Jubilus" plus ultra with your ears and play your brain symphony.

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque

+++ 20111227 JINMO news ! /"Incarnatio" has been updated to version 2.0. !!!!! +++

yola sup dood, how r u mang?
"Incarnatio" has been updated to version 2.0.


Modified information as follows;

- Improve of spectral distribution on the mid-high range.
Increase of the sound pressure.
Reprocess to improve the sense of localization by Equalizer, Dynamics, Maximizer and Harmonic Exciter.

JINMO's albums (download version) which has released from Avant-attaque might be updated with his Intention.
You can see update information on following URL;

A customer who purchased an old version can update the latest edition for free with the download URL and unlock code mentioned in the email transmitted at the time of the purchase on
If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque

+++ 20111224 JINMO news ! /105th music album, "Incarnatio". !!!!! +++

JINMO's 105th album "Incarnatio" has released from Avant-attaque.

A long-waited JINMO's Christmas album in 2011, grand Christmas album over 80 minutes which had been composed since this spring, "Incarnatio" is now available in Avant-attaque download !


JINMO's 105th solo album, "Incarnatio".

"Mass" in 2007, "Melchior","Balthazar" and "Casper" in 2008, "amor et mors" in 2009 and "I'm praying" for Christmas in 2010.
JINMO had released Christmas albums every year since 2007.

For this year, it has composed translunary and futuristic guitar orchestration in the main.
Of course, you will hear the sound of church bells you've heard every Christmas.

The title "Incarnatio" is for "incarnation" in Latin.
Refer to Wikipedia, the Incarnation of Christ is a central Christian doctrine that God became flesh, assumed a human nature, and became a man in the form of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the second person of the Trinity.
JINMO says "It is practice of an allot from transcendental thing to humans, and it is still ongoing."

Cover picture is "Annunciation" by Jacopo Bellini in Early Renaissance ( in 1444).
It depicts the scene of Annunciation.

Symphonic guitar orchestration is pleasantly sacred drone, and it also has beautiful ultrasound part intensely.
Listening through the first to the last, it begins with infinite falling, and it ends with an infinite rising... it remind us the Incarnate which came down to earth and go back to heaven.
The more listen, closer to heaven.
Every track fills your soul with joy and love.

We recommend this album to contemporary music, edgy techno lovers and
experimental music but also recommend to Guitar Manias.

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque

+++ 20111218 JINMO news ! /JINMO Explobition "id 2" Himeji. !!!!! +++

Yola sup dood, how r u mang? We are super hyper mega giga fine!
Hot news from Avant-attaque, we are pleased to announce JINMO's solo exhibition in Himeji, Hyogo.


JINMO's 2nd solo Exhibition "JINMO Explobition -id 2- Tokyo" at MAGIC ROOM??? in Ebisu, Shibuya.
"JINMO Explobition -id 2- Osaka" at "GALAXY GALLERY" in Sen-nichimae, Osaka.
"JINMO Explobition -id 2- Nagoya" at BDSM BAR "R" in Sakae, Nagoya.
For excellent reputations, the exhibition had prolonged 2 weeks in Tokyo and it prolonged one-month in Nagoya.
It ended with great success that surprised us enough.

And now, we are pleased to announce JINMO Explobition "id 2 Himeji"!!!
On Monday19th to Friday 23rd December 2011, views at "SALON Days+" Himeji.
JINMO will be at gallery all days during exhibition, and he will give "JINMO unaccompanied solo guitar performance" on Tuesday 20th December.

"If you stare details at micro, you will always find chaos and Goddwells in the midst of chaos.
Firing of my inheritance is fated to fervent uprising in the chaos.
See you in the chaos. I'm waiting for you in the chaos. " -JINMO 03-06-2011-

"Id (Latin)" represents "Es" which is defined by Nietzsche and Freud.
Under the unconscious, id is the part which includes desire, impulse, emotions except unconscious defense.
It is considered that id originally includes all the instinctual impulses the destructive instinct 'death drive' as well as Eros or the life instincts".
This theory is based on a source of biological papers, id is filled with biological energy from the instincts. And it also includes the repression of early childhood.
Some conditions are met, id would be expressed in all the instinctual desire to break through the ego. To overcome impulse of id, or sublimate id, ego controls it like a man on horseback to hold in check the superior strength of the horse, id.
The id is considered that the workings of the hypothalamus.
(abridged quote from Wikipedia)

JINMO "id".

The string instrument "Jinmoid" released from BassLab Germany is also associated with "id".

JINMO's 2nd exhibition, "Explobition", it features his microscopic BAKUBOKU calligraphy "nanoZen" series.

It also features Prix de Caroline Lee awarded "nanoZen 002" at the 30th Salon de Finears Exhibition.
Ms.Caroline Lee the honorary and former chairwoman of "Salon de Mai" known as Picasso and Chagall had submitted their works in their life time, she really appreciated JINMO's "nanoZen 002" as "I really love this artwork, I want to live with this all through my life", and it had awarded for Prix de Caroline Lee at 30th Salon de Finears Exhibition. It was very first time in their 30 years history.
Addition to that, number of undisclosed new works, including the largest microscopic BAKUBOKU drawing "nanoZen 010" which had taken for 10 months since August 2010, will be exhibited.

Needless to say but you can buy every artworks on your view as you wish.

[JINMO Explobition "id 2" Himeji]

ON VIEW: Monday, 19th - Friday 23rd December 2011
LOCATION: Higashi Yumesakidai4-135, Hirohata, Himeji, Hyogo
OPEN : 10:00~17:00
PHONE: 81-79-236-6012

Featured Event;
[JINMO Unaccompanied Solo Guitar Live Performance]
Tuesday 20th December
15:00 - 17:00
19:00 - 21:00
Admission fee: JPY 2,000 with non-alchoholic beverage.*Valid for one stage only.
*Alchoholic beverages are not available. Please bring your own if desired.

"nanoZen" series

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque

+++ 20111214 JINMO news ! /104th music album, "Zextasy Love Ambient". !!!!! +++

Yola sup dude, how r u mang?
JINMO released his 104th album "Zextasy Love Ambient".
"Zextasy Love Ambient" is now available in download version (AAC 320kbps) and HQCD!
You can purchase "Zextasy Love Ambient" HQCD at the venue of "BIGAKKO with Mistress Natsumi" on Thursday, 15th December.

I wonder why, why your eyes are so shine as if they mirror the stars in the galaxy.
In your eyes, I see the pale star's still in flame.
The blue flame of lightning by non-physical or disembodied sex.
The blue flame of silent passion without heat.
Yours and mine, both of our nerves are united into one.
It's jubilant for unification in this infinite time, both of our nerves are melted, merged and liquefied.
That is the drip of ambition for melting into the universe, for jubilate the universe.
Oh, let us perceive via our genitals all the secrets of the world, the abstruse universe.

"Zextasy Love Ambient",
It is romantic and futuristic sound world of Sci-Fi filled with cyberized obscene beauty like the album "Zexaroid".
It is an epic over an hour composed of numerous guitar overdubs and computer.
As its title says, it is good for listening at background in living scenes as ambient music, but it would be great to listen deeply with headphones to enjoy the mellow orchestration of ultrasonic bandwidth and the cool panning driving complex and diverse.

We recommend this album to contemporary music, edgy techno lovers and experimental music but also recommend to Guitar Manias.

( HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque )

+++ 20111212 JINMO news ! /BIGAKKO "BIGAKUJUKU" !!!!! +++

Thank you for your patience, we are pleased to announce that JINMO's special lecture in BIGAKKO.
A long waited JINMO's special lecture "BIGAKUJUKU" will be held once a month for 6 months at "BIGAKKO" the womb of new art and wisdom.
"BIGAKUJUKU", it is "an opportunity for beautiful input".
Join us insatiably for beautiful input.

We will have special guest Mistress Natsumi for fourth lecture on Thursday, December 15th.



"In current education of art, everybody sets worth on "how to handle the work or how to achieve output" then there's nobody doubt it. But the truth is "what to input" is worth more than such technology theories. It is impossible to achieve high quality output without high quality input.
To be keen on higher quality input, that's all what we need. "

As it shown his words, JINMO always consciously being active, aggressive and keen on input beautiful things to himself.
"BIGAKUJUKU", as its name suggests, it is time for input.
Every lecture can be regarded as intellectual entertainment that "it's not time for learning the beauty, but for enjoy the beauty".

"Beauty" is not only visible (art works), nor audible (music) .
"Beauty" is shining on all of the five senses. Every sense is not isolated from other senses, it influences each other and it keeps uninterrupted input while generates new "Beauty" just like alteration within the alchemist's mortar.
The world is full of beauty, thus I do not believe the finiteness of human perception. "

Music, art, fetish, dance and fine food... "BIGAKUJUKU" is monthly "opportunity for beautiful input" whilst the pursuit of "Beauty" and creating "Beauty" along with the people who have relationship with JINMO.

Special Guest for Fourth Lecture
Mistress Natsumi (BDSM)

"Man could enjoy beauty with auditory (music), visual (art work), sense of smell and taste (food). Then how about the touch? "
Let's explore the answer to the question with actual observations.
Our special guest "Mistress Natsumi", she is very famous BDSM mistress in Japanese fetish culture as known as the founder of major fetish event "Tokyo Perve", but also she is a master of tea ceremony and Japanese art of flower arrangement.
Besides she will demonstrate various approaches for beauty and pleasure as tactile stimulation of her personal slave, she will give same demonstration to students.
JINMO will give accelerated boost to auditory for the experience of altered states using binaural beats and full scale of harmonic overtone simultaneously.

Mistress Natsumi Official Website (No ENGLISH pages available)

2011 - 2012 Featured guest as follows;
October 27th Michiro Endo (Musician)
November 17th Klaass Heckman (Musician)
December 8th G.M.Nair (Owner of Nair's Restaurant)
*Special program with Nair's special dish "Murgh Lunch".
December 15th Mistress Nastumi (BDSM)
January 19th Yoshito Ohno (Dencer)
February 2nd Christophe Charles (Media art, Proffeser at Musashino Art University)
March 22nd Satoshi Okada (Psychologist, Owner of the gallery MAGIC ROOM???)

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque

+++ 20111203 JINMO news ! /102nd music album, "Orchestrated Wires More". !!!!! +++

JINMO released his 102nd album "Orchestrated Wires More".
"Orchestrated Wires More" is now available in download version (AAC


We would like to inform you that as of this time, we will change the price of download albums.

"For art pieces, there is difference in price per each piece. Even in restaurants or in convenience stores, every menu has different price.
It is taken as a matter of course, but it is not taken for music.
Regardless of the size or contents, it would be the same price for every work.
I've always thought that I should to set an appropriate price for each work as the matter of course. Thus I do it at this time. " (JINMO)


Pursuant to JINMO's will, we set different price for each album from now on.
And it would be calculated as "$ 0.008 per second".

If the album is 50 minutes (3,000 seconds) long, it would be $24.
25 minutes album would be $12.
100 minutes album would be $48.

And now we can release aggressive some short pieces like "1 minute album" which had difficult to release in uniform price so far.
Also, we will change the prices of previously released albums to new price gradually.


We also quit distribution of PDF booklet and large jacket from this time for streamlining.
However you can get information of the album on our website and it would be for size reduction of datafile.
This brings the release in the exact timing with the moment of completion.


Anyhow, JINMO's 102nd solo album, it's called "Orchestrated Wires More".
This is the sequel for previous album, the praised "Orchestrated Wires".

You will hear the roar of rainbow shimmering beautiful Bio-mechanoids, the roar of jubilation on MITONOMAGUAI (mythical, ceremonial sex).
You will hear the beautiful, erotic harmony of myriad infinite length dragons intertwined in orbit.
Their amorous moves beat organically the fluctuated rhythms.
I just wanted to remove the interference of pre established harmony without it loses depth or scale as symphony which is impossible to compose in improvisation.
The only trouble is, it takes time and effort.
JINMO 2011-09-05

According to descriptions by JINMO, the word in the title "Wires" means "group of nerves in the body, set the internal wiring of electronic equipment, basic elements of strings in superstring theory, and strings on guitar".
Therefore the title "Wires" indicates orchestrated image that intertwined multitudinous of things, things some kind of long.
The sound of "Orchestrated Wires", it is made of many parts including pan in concert with each other and they are orchestrated quite complex, so it supposed be given thorough elaborated mechanical composition. However it gives impression of improvisation filled with freewheeling organic anima on your ears.
You will hear the creak of erotic machines or the breath of mechanical species, and you will feel something exact opposition weaves beautiful chaos in a same space-time.
If you experience "Orchestrated Wires" with headphones at high volume, you will find an explosive silence, complicated purity, and the shimmers of boundlessly free "the beauty of innocence" in the elaborately composed chaos.
"Orchestrated Wires" is a long waited guitar orchestration album since the release of "Binaural Guitars"
(December 16 2011).

Enjoy the resonance of the sound of boundlessly free and innocence with your eardrum and your soul.
We recommend this album for the people who loves progressive contemporary music, edgy techno, experimental music and especially for all guitar lovers.

( HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque )

+++ 20111202 JINMO news ! /special lecture in BIGAKKO "BIGAKUJUKU". !!!!! +++

Thank you for your patience, we are pleased to announce that JINMO's special lecture in BIGAKKO.
A long waited JINMO's special lecture "BIGAKUJUKU" will be held once a month for 6 months at "BIGAKKO" the womb of new art and wisdom.
"BIGAKUJUKU", it is "an opportunity for beautiful input".
Join us insatiably for beautiful input.

Special Guest for Third Lecture G.M.Nair (Owner of Nair's Restaurant)

Beauty is not only audible (music) or visible (art work). It is also present in taste intensely.
For BIGAKUJUKU third lecture, we will invite Mr.G.M.Nair who is authority of Indian food culture and the owner of the oldest Indian restaurant in Japan as special guest.
We will have specialty of his restaurant "Murgh lunch (murgh curry plate)" actually and we will research into the world of "beauty in the taste" in vast and profound of Aayurveda.
Addition to that, JINMO will have live performance with his special stringed instrument Jinmoid during the meal, our brains would rearise "Jubilus".

Nair's official website:

"As the proverb says "You are what you eat", our daily ingestion form our bodies.
Our daily ingestion form our bodies, so it is natural that it gives important affect as preventive medicine rather than symptomatic treatment.
Harmonic construction in music, pigment synthesis in art, complex concoction of spices in Indian food culture... I'd like referred them to "alkaloid orchestration", and I am confident that they are the proof of the proverb "you are what you eat".
I'd like to ask him deeply what is the everlasting "beauty" that affect actually on human being, what is the everlasting "beautiful" taste without transient epidemic.
I've been visited frequent Nair's Restaurant for many years.
Recently, I particularly take their specialty "Murgh Lunch (murgh curry plate)" six times a week except their closing day. It tells you it has "beautiful" taste. "(JINMO)

2011 - 2012 Featured guest as follows;
October 27th Michiro Endo (Musician)
November 17th Klaass Heckman (Musician)
December 8th G.M.Nair (Owner of Nair's Restaurant)
*Special program with Nair's special dish "Murgh Lunch".
December 15th Mistress Nastumi (BDSM)
January 19th Yoshito Ohno (Dencer)
February 2nd Christophe Charles (Media art, Proffeser at Musashino Art University)
March 22nd Satoshi Okada (Psychologist, Owner of the gallery MAGIC ROOM???)

Daini Fuji bld. 3F, Kanda Jinbocho 2-20, Choyoda, Tokyo
Phone: 81-3-3262-2529 (13:00 - 18:00)
Access; 5 minutes walk from A3 gate of "Jinbocho" Station of Toei Mita Line, Shinjuku Line or Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line.