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+++ 20110725 JINMO Explobition "id 2 : Osaka"!!!+++

Thank you for your patience!
Finally, we are pleased to announce the long-waited JINMO's solo exhibition in OSAKA.
JINMO Explobition "id 2 : Osaka" is coming up in August 2011!


JINMO's 2nd solo Exhibition "JINMO Explobition -id 2-" at MAGIC ROOM??? in Ebisu, Shibuya. The exhibition extended another 2 weeks for excellent reputations and it ended with great success.
We appreciate excellent reputations.

And now, we are pleased to announce JINMO Explobition "id 2 :OSAKA"!!!
On Monday 1st to Sunday 14th Augast 2011, views at "GALAXY GALLERY" in Misono-Universe Bld. at Sennichimae, OSAKA.

"If you stare details at micro, you will always find chaos and God dwells in the midst of chaos.
Firing of my inheritance is fated to fervent uprising in the chaos.
See you in the chaos. I'm waiting for you in the chaos. " -JINMO 03-06-2011-

"Id (Latin)" represents "Es" which is defined by Nietzsche and Freud.
Under the unconscious, id is the part which includes desire, impulse, emotions except unconscious defense.
It is considered that id originally includes all the instinctual impulses the destructive instinct 'death drive' as well as Eros or the life instincts".
This theory is based on a source of biological papers, id is filled with biological energy from the instincts. And it also includes the repression of early childhood.
Some conditions are met, id would be expressed in all the instinctual desire to break through the ego. To overcome impulse of id, or sublimate id, ego controls it like a man on horseback to hold in check the superior strength of the horse, id.
The id is considered that the workings of the hypothalamus.
(abridged quote from Wikipedia)

JINMO "id".

The string instrument "Jinmoid" released from BassLab Germany is also associated with "id".

JINMO's 2nd exhibition, "Explobition", it features his microscopic BAKUBOKU calligraphy "nanoZen" series.
With the cooperation of "Scalar Corporation" the world-leading manufacturer of high-quality microscope such as introduced to NASA, we will place many microscopes for higher experience of the beauty of microns.

We have some special events for JINMO Explobition "id 2", And the one is amazing live drawing of nanoZen using "The System nanoZen I", the microscope equipped pen-type monitoring system +
Scouter developed with JINMO and Scalar Corporation.
Every move will be projected onto the big projection display and you will be a witness of the birth moment of nanoZen.
Interviews, performances, collaborative performances some special events are scheduled and you know everything will be expandable or something unexpected will happen.

It also features Prix de Caroline Lee awarded "nanoZen 002" at the 30th Salon de Finears Exhibition.
Ms.Caroline Lee the honorary and former chairwoman of "Salon de Mai" known as Picasso and Chagall had submitted their works in their life time, she really appreciated JINMO's "nanoZen 002" as "I really love this artwork, I want to live with this all through my life", and it had awarded for Prix de Caroline Lee at 30th Salon de Finears Exhibition. It was very first time in their 30 years history.
Addition to that, number of undisclosed new works, including the largest microscopic BAKUBOKU drawing "nanoZen 010" which had taken for 10 months since August 2010, will be exhibited.

Needless to say but you can buy every artworks on your view as you wish.

JINMO Explobition "id 2" Osaka

PLACE "Galaxy Gallery, Osaka

1F Misono-Univers Bld. 2-3-9 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka

ON VIEW August 1st - 14th 2011
OPEN : 16:00~23:00 (Closes on Wednesday)


- Sponsors -
Scalar Corporation

-Featured Events-

Monday, August 01, 2011
[Reception Party]
PLACE: GALAXY GALLERY, Sennichimae, Osaka
Starts at 20:00
Free Admission

Talk session with Mr.Yusuke Nakamura of INSECTS Magazine at GALAXY GALLERY Osaka via Skype.
(JINMO will make appearances from his studio in Tokyo).
USTREAM distribution available.

Sunday, August 14, 2011
[Finale Event]
PLACE: GALAXY GALLERY, Sennichimae, Osaka
Starts at 18:00
Admission: JPY 2,000 (+ 1 free drink)

Live Drawing of nanoZen using "The System nanoZen I", the microscope equipped pen-type monitoring system + Scouter developed with JINMO and Scalar Corporation.
Running commentary on drawing of nanoZen by Mr.COLO the producer of "JINMO Explobition : id2" Osaka, Mr. Junichi Noike the engener of Scalar Corporation and JINMO's exclusive curator Ms. eMico.
After the live drawing, JINMO will have unaccompanied solo live performance with Jinmoid .

nanoZen collection