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20101225 JINMO's Latest Album "I'm praying(AAC)"!!!!!!!!

JINMO's new album "I'm praying" is now available on Avant-attaque Download!


JINMO has just released his new album!

Mass" in 2007.
"Melchior", "Balthazar" and "Casper" in 2008.
"amor et mors" in 2009.
JINMO had released Christmas albums every year since 2007.
For this Christmas, JINMO composed a fantastic and futuristic Piano Concerto.
The title is "I'm praying".
Of course, you will hear the sound of church bells you've heard every Christmas.

In the ancient church or in the futuristic church we've never seen, going up the long beautiful crystal stairs ahead of us.
The more listen, closer to heaven.
Every track fills your soul with joy and love.

We recommend this album not only for progressive contemporary music-lover, the people who love edgy techno music or experimental music.
We do recommend this for you all.
Yes, you know it's Christmas.

Just 9 days passed since the release of previous album "Binaural Guitars", JINMO's 95th solo album?i76th album from Avant-attaque?j"I'm praying" is now available on Avant-attaque Download.
Very beautiful christmas album with AAC?i320kbps?jhigh quality sounds.

?yNOTE?zHeadphones listening required for high quality listening experience.


?y I'm praying (ver.1.0) ?z

Release Date: December 25 2010 (avantattaque-0076)
12 tracks (total 01:07:02)
Format : AAC ?i320kbps?j
Cover design?FHARI
Produced by : Avant-attaque
Label : Avant-attaque
Price : 9.99 USD (download only)



?yTrack Listings?z
1. I'm praying 01 (06:32)
2. I'm praying 02 (04:40)
3. I'm praying 03 (06:20)
4. I'm praying 04 (04:50)
5. I'm praying 05 (06:10)
6. I'm praying 06 (05:00)
7. I'm praying 07 (06:00)
8. I'm praying 08 (05:10)
9. I'm praying 09 (05:50)
10. I'm praying 10 (05:20)
11. I'm praying 11 (05:40)
12. I'm praying 12 (05:30)


World same price 9.99 USD
Come with PDF booklet and 800 x 800 large sized picture cover.
Released December 25th 2010


Our products sold in Avant-attaque Download store can be versioned up.
Changes might be things like: "the hall-effects in the 3rd track, and equalizing in the 7th track have been updated", or "more information has been added to the song description".
Please check the version number which appears like (ver.X.X) following the song title.
When we do a version up, we will update the information on this site.

A customer who has an older version can download the latest edition for free.
The download URL and unlock code are required to download the latest edition, please keep email from when you purchased the album.
If you lost your unlock code or the URL, Please contact us by e-mail.
For further information, feel free to contact us


Please see detailed order information as follows;

We would like to thank you for your support JINMO.
Your support has given JINMO the impetus to keep on creating.


HARI Avant-attaque / Ageha Avant-attaque

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