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issue : Avant-attaque

+++ 20120224 JINMO news ! /JINMO's 110th solo album "Wolfbeats"!!!!! +++

JINMO has just released his 110th album "Wolfbeats".
We are happy to announce the release of "Wolfbeats" for download and "Wolfbeats" in High Quality CD at the same time.

"It is the beast that chants a prayer.
I'll unleash you, sacred wolf.
Let the universe sympathize with your howling." (JINMO)

"Wolfbeats", the beats of wolf.
JINMO manias already know that "wolf" is the symbol of his own for a long time and JINMO has frequently referred to that in his diary (Twitter) .
It might be strange that he had not used the "wolf" as theme until his 110th album.
Time has come, therefore this would be the "long-awaited" release for all JINMO manias.

The wolves have been worshipped as sacred animals by Native Americans, Inuits or the Ainus since ancient times.
This album "Wolfbeats" would be none other than a chant for the ceremonies.
Thick, heavy "heartbeat" of the wolf that howling through the earth.
And just like resonating with the universe, non-musical sound and feedback of "howling" with tactile impression like flesh and blood, filling all the audible range, like emitting the light to the outside moreover.
Beautiful and powerful chant for the sacred animals connecting the heavens and the earth.

Drawing on the cover is newly drawn "wolf spirit figure" by JINMO, it is forceful picture that drawn at a breath in about 10 seconds without underdrawing.

We recommend this album to contemporary music, edgy techno lovers and experimental music but also recommend to Guitar Manias.

Just 11 days passed since the release of previous album "Life 120211", JINMO's 110th album "Wolfbeats" (91st from Avant-attaque) is now available on Avant-attaque!
Needless to say, but it comes with AAC (320kbps) high quality sounds.

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque

+++ 20120213 JINMO news ! /JINMO's 109th solo album "Life 120211"!!!!! +++

JINMO has just released his 109th album "Life 120211".
We are happy to announce the release of "Life 120211" for download and "Life 120211" in High Quality CD at the same time.


JINMO's 109th album, "Life 120211".
Long waited JINMO's live album, no, it should be called his "Life" album!
Yes, it is his "Life 120211".

This is a live recording of his live show held on Saturday 11 February 2012.
After the show, we made rushed release in just 30 hours! ! !

Instrument that he played is "Jinmoid".
Effector is Z.Vex's "Fuzz Factory" (fuzz), and Cranetortoise's "GC-1"(compressor)  only.
Amplifier is his recent favorite ZT Amp's "Lunchbox".
Needless to say but he didn't used multi-effecter, delay or reverb, not any special effects.
It is exactly fresh raw sound!

The show was in the intense roaring sound in maximum 120dB.
Incidentally, the sound pressure level in a noisy factory is 90dB, train passing on railway underpass is 100dB, machine riveting and car horn makes 110dB, and 120dB is the sound pressure around the jet engine on the plane.
This 120dB is certainly sound level to affect the human body.

The recording has done completely with stereo microphone, without any line signals at all.
At the venue, just like war cameramen, some photographers were faced on JINMO's explosive playing, and they had recorded this show that should be called as war.
For this reason, many shutter noise is also included in this album.
And it also depicts the tense atmosphere of this show.
After the show,  audiences had talked about their surprise and excitement with a lot of words such as "shooting", "barrage" or "bombing".

Following description is JINMO's words in the invitation to the show "Life 120211".


"Two major activities as a musician, "concert" and "composing".
Of these, I've realized almost of my ideal for composing by download release from Avant-attaque.
It made possible to liberate the release timing in response to the intention of the artist, and fully liberalization of contents or sizes.

And the other one, concert, I have attempted various styles to be close to my ideal for a long time.
I wish my concerts would be the "birthplace of new things".
Strongly, I strongly wish so.
That's the place there are no pre-established harmony, no trial-and-error or expressions for the expectations of audiences.
There is Jubilus to meet unexpected "something new", and I wish to be illuminated by unexpected Jubilus that even the player itself unexpected.
At the same time, I wish the people who were there, were not mere spectators.
I wish they were witnesses of an event or a phenomenon, were spiritual cooperators who wish the coming of Jubilus with me, and I wish they were the one who illuminated by Jubilus to meet "something new".
I gave a name "Life" to the jubilant moment that born "something new".
Life is live, life is everyday.
The place suitable for the birth of new things, it would not be an existing commercial space for music industry.
At last we got the place ready for it.
And the people who being illuminated by Jubilus together, I decided to limit the invitation to the one who would be Jubilus.
The attendees for the occasion, are 12 people except me.
At last, I wish you would be the one of them, I strongly wish so.


This concert "Life", has produced by JINMO in order to be "birthplace of new things" by JINMO, and the intention has been splendidly realized.
This is it, its recording.

Cover design and cover picture by photographer Toru Tanno.
There's nothing better than this to represent the "birthplace of new things".

This album "Life 120211" would be the must listen album for all JINMO manias.
By all means, please enjoy at blasting volume so rad!

Just 4 days had passed since the release of previous album "Viano Vorte".
JINMO's 109th solo album "Life 120211" (90th album from Avant-attaque) is now available on Avant-attaque!
Needless to say but it comes with AAC(320kbps) high quality sounds.

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque

+++ 20120209 JINMO news ! /JINMO's 108th solo album, "Viano Vorte".!!!!! +++

Yola sup dood, how r u mang?
JINMO has just released his 108th album "Viano Vorte".
We are happy to announce the release of "Viano Vorte" for download and "Viano Vorte" in High Quality CD at the same time.

JINMO's 108th solo album, "Viano Vorte".

The title "Viano Vorrte"  is coinage based on old name for piano.

"Valley Marinerisu on Mars surface that is configured with the sound emitted by 12 pianos.
The feedback running through there freely, ultrafast and powerful such as dragon flute.
Blowing winds, dazzling light.
Screeching his favorite chair, Glenn Gould sympathizes with piano. He put his face on the keyboard and sings humming to the piano.
Screeching his edgy chisel, Munakata Shiko sympathizes with woodcut.
He put his face on the printing block and sings Warship March.
Not only the posture on their work, also the attitude of their soul possessed with something... the intensity and the devout, it is so beautiful.
On this album making, I sympathized with computer, nestling my face against the waveform data, singing to  blowing wind and dazzling light, screeching my trackpad.
I played resonance in virtual Valley Marinerisu with my 12 virtual pianos of the album "Piano Genome" and my virtual guitar."

"Viano Vorte",

i.e. virtual piano and + virtual guitar work by JINMO.

JINMO mentioned the concept of this virtual piano when he released the album "Piano Genome" as follows;

My hands are too less to play piano pieces that I want to play.
It is not my fault, but if I determined to abandon it for established fact, I think it is negligence as an expressionist.

The genome is defined as "genetic information essential to organisms being organisms".
Human A and B, their genetic information are not completely identical.
Although the differences appear as personalities that distinguish the two, the identity of the non-difference (genome) identifies them as the same human tribe.
If there will be slight differences in the genome conversely, it is "something other than man."

How do we define "guitar"?
Classical guitar, folk guitar, electric guitar, MIDI guitar, etc...we recognize various guitar as "Guitar" in spite of the differences of their shapes, the principles of sound production, materials, the number of strings or the way of performance.
The wooden instrument which has large body resonance and traditional nylon string to play with fingertips, and the seamless carbon graphite instrument that I use often, it converts string vibrations of  steel-strings tapping into electric signals with electromagnetic pickup, it has no body resonance nor head.
There is a huge difference between them.
Nevertheless, to define them as same musical instrument called "guitar", there is something exists such as "Guitar genome".

There is an ordinary wine glass. It is "tableware". Someone with intentions wet his fingertip with water and rub the rim of glass, then the glass emit a clear high tone.
Tableware metamorphosed its genome into the instrument called "Glass Harp".
"Stamps" for the collector, they are not tools for prepaid postage but they are priceless art pieces. The tools that should be used as murder weapon on the battlefield, sometimes they would be into national treasure swords.

These identity of genome but also metamorphose, they are caused by the consciousness of those who get it.
And this album "Piano Genome", it means "genetic information essential to piano being piano".
My intention has beyond actualized-potential diverse differences, this album turned into piano solo.

Originally, the piano was very different from the current one.
Upright piano and grand piano, it doesn't seem the same from the volume, And the piano which has different frequencies, piano with multiple keyboards, specially developed piano for four-handed performance, electric piano to amplify the vibration caused by hammer electrically, etc.
Similar to the preceding case of the guitar, "piano genome" exists the
undercurrent of difference.

Strong lively feeling of performance, improvisation with direct access to emotion of the player, tactile impression like flesh and blood, huge dynamism of strength and speed control.
Musical expression that keep expressing them on all aspects, transcending the limitations of player i.e. the number of arms or fingers.To express the feeling of live performance that I want, it is impossible by four?handed performance with watching out other player.
Similarly, it is also impossible with superimposing by over-dubbing to increase the number of arm artificially. It doesn't differ from four?handed performance with time difference and it is absolutely
different from my intention.
It is absolutely impossible to play with pre-programmed MIDI information sequencers or automatic performance programs such as MAX / MSP, because they never sense the emotion of the player.
Without the realization of the impossibility of "impromptu live performance by the player  with 4 to 10 arms", there is no piano solo that I want.

Technical trial and error were necessary.
I surmounted the difficulties, I made this play possible.
I will omit the detailed description for technical theory of programming because it is beyond the objective of commentary on the album and it is unimportant details to expression itself.
In short, I set the assignment for handling various MIDI signals to each and every key on the keyboard of my PowerBook G4.
Then I played PowerBook G4 vigorously as completely usual as I play the guitar solo at live venue.
The album "Piano Genome", it is the recording of the play as it is without any modification. (Only spatial positioning and equalization processed on mastering)

The instrument that I played on the recording, it was not grand piano.
It was PowerBook G4 that the shape was totally different from piano.
However, it was PowerBook G4 with "piano-genome".

I appreciate to discerning Ms.HARI who listened to this untitled piano solo and gave the title "Piano Genome" as I finished playing.

At the end, I always think that strong will of expressionist transcends his physical limitations.
JINMO(Noted July 2006)

[Editor's Note: The computer come out as "PowerBook G4" is still at the time described in 2006, he uses the "MacBook Pro" now in 2012.]

Massive roar of piano-genome and guitar-genome.
Enjoy the JINMO's further evolved piano with dazzling light and blowing winds through the Valley Marinerisu on Mars in your brain.

It has just 33 days passed since the release of previous album "Quassatio", JINMO's 108th solo album (89th from Avant-attaque) "Viano Vorte" is now available in Avant-Attaque.
Needless to say but it comes with AAC(320kbps) high quality sound.

HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque

+++ 20120203 JINMO news ! /JINMO has received invitation from 31st Salon de Finears Exhibition!!!!! +++

Yola sup dood, how r u mang?
We've got news of delighted surprise for JINMO fans.

JINMO has exhibited his works as an invited artist in international art exhibition again!

photo by Mona Abe

"If you stare details at micro, you will always find chaos and God dwells in the midst of chaos.
Firing of my inheritance is fated to fervent uprising in the chaos.
See you in the chaos. I'm waiting for you in the chaos. "
-JINMO 03-06-2011-

"nanoZen" the visual expression by JINMO.
At the 30th Salon de Finears Exhibition, Ms.Caroline Lee the honorary and former chairwoman of "Salon de Mai" (known as Picasso and Chagall had submitted their works in their life time) really appreciated JINMO's "nanoZen 002" as "I really love this artwork, I want to live with this all through my life", and it had awarded for Prix de Caroline Lee that the special award made first time in their 30 years history for JINMO's nanoZen.

JINMO Explobition "id 2 : Tokyo" at "MAGIC ROOM???" in Ebisu, Shibuya.
JINMO Explobition "id 2 : Osaka" at "GALAXY GALLERY" in Sen-nichimae, Osaka.
JINMO Explobition "id 2 : Nagoya" at "BDSM Bar R" in Sake, Nagoya.
JINMO Explobition "id 2 : Himeji" at "Salon Days+" in Himeji, Hyogo.
After the winning the award, nanoZen had traveled across the country last year.

And nanoZen has back to international art exhibition again!

JINMO has received invitation from 31st Salon de Finears Exhibition secretariat, he will exhibit his nanoZen collection as an invited artist for 31st Salon de Finears Exhibition.

Exhibited works are total 8 works as follows; nanoZen 001, 002(Private collection), 010(Private collection), 037, 051, 052, 054, 055.

Prix de Caroline Lee award-winning "002" and the largest work of nanoZen "010", they are privately owned and it is a rare chance to appreciate.
Also the most recent series number 50s are exhibited for the first time in Tokyo.

photo by Mona Abe

[31st Salon de Finears Exhibition]
DATE: Saturday 4th February - Saturday 11th February
VIEWS AT: Kudan Gallery in Kudan L.L Information 2nd Floor
TIME: 11:00 - 19:00 (Opens till 15:30 at 11th the last day)
PLACE: 1-5-10 Kudan-minami, Chiyoda, Tokyo
PHONE: 81-3-3234-2841
6th gate from Kudanshita St on Subway Tozai line, Hazomon line and Toei Shinjuku line
Admission Free

nanoZen, it is the very fine expression that is non-expressible in Jpg data on the web or in print.
Please enjoy the world of nanoZen from close range with your naked eye!

photo by Mona Abe