Uterus Of Monoliths (ver.1.0)

1. Uterus Of Monoliths (45:25)

"Uterus Of Monoliths"

The sound is as it is shown in computer graphics by JINMO on cover art.
"Uterus Of Monoliths", It is the womb of Monoliths.
It filled with amniotic fluid contains Jubilus Meditator, Jubilus Activator, Jubilus Pulsar, Hetero-Glossolalia ... and something new unknown material can not be analyzed.
In the womb, "Uterus Of Monoliths", you will see a numberless of monoliths floating in the amniotic fluid, you will feel the quickening of monoliths, and you will hear the incessantly Jubilant cries of the monoliths at ultrasound bandwidth.

"Monoliths" are fictional advanced machines in film directed by Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" based in novels by Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey series, encouraging humankind to progress evolutionary transformations, from ape to man, from man to Star-Child.
Our magnificent hit Jubilus series called "Red, Green and Blue, the trilogy of Light", some deep listeners claimed that the series reminded them monoliths.
This album, "Uterus Of Monoliths" would be a compilation album in position of Jubilus series.

Anger, sorrow, worries, every emotion to the world is going to be calm, into peaceful memories in the womb, "Uterus Of Monoliths".
Even if the track ends, monoliths never stop crying and you will find yourself in the womb, "Uterus Of Monoliths".

JINMO says "Donft listen, Feel the amniotic fluid of Jubilus.  Evolve yourself. This is dedicated to all Moon-Watcher."
"Moon-Watcher", in the novels by Arthur C. Clarke, the first ape evolved into man affected of Monoliths is called "Moon-Watcher".
In the fluid of Jubilus, you will find yourself as "Moon-Watcher".

JINMO released his 97th album,78th album from Avant-attaque, "Uterus Of Monoliths".
It has just 62 days passed since the release of "Jubilus Pulsar".
Needless to note but it comes with AAC 320kbps high quality sound.

May the "Jubilus" be with you.

( HARI Avant-attaque, Ageha Avant-attaque )

NOTE: Headphones listening required for higher-quality listening experience.

"Uterus Of Monoliths", AAC 256kbps formatted, is also available in 96 countries through 23 iTunesStore.
And "Uterus Of Monoliths HQCD" will be released on March 31 from Avant-attaque.
*We're very sorry but "Uterus Of Monoliths HQCD" will not be available for international orders.