2002/02/21 Released(PLCP-114)
10 songs/ HQCD (44.1kHz, 16bit)/2,940yen
Cover photo by : MARICO/Cover design by:HARI / exposit by : Iseo Nose
Published by : Gakken Platz / Distributed by : Nippon Columbia

1. I Tell You, The Soldiers Of Eagle(13:04)

2. St. Mika(7:34)

3. Picking Glossolalia(1:02)

4. Dolly Of The Apocalypse(10:40)

5. K Age Wosh It A Hite(9:34)

6. Tapping Glossolalia(1:00)

7. When The Dragon Howls[guitar solo](6:38)

8. K331(7:29)

9. Harmonics Glossolalia(1:00)

10. When The Dragon Howls[super sonic EMDR guitar orchestration](11:18)

(except track-5 is composed by Masao Koga,track-8 by W.A.Mozart)