Eternal Moonbeam On Elysium
(La.Sejou-r Edition)

2010/04/15 Released
1 song (total. 1:00:00) / HQCD (44.1kHz, 16bit)
Bakuboku : JINMO /Cover design by : HARI
Published and Distributed by : Avant-attaque

1. Eternal Moonbeam On Elysium (01:00:00)

We are very sorry but "Eternal Moonbeam On Elysium (HQCD) " is not available for International Orders.

"Eternal Moonbeam On Elysium",
it is unaccompanied guitar solo.
It is three hours length track and it is the only one track on this album.
It is a spectacular that you've never experienced neither with CD, records, cassette tapes nor any other media.

Neither synthesizer nor sequencers used in "Eternal Moonbeam On Elysium".
The stately complex orchestration such as the choir, string orchestration or pipe organ,
every sound in "Eternal Moonbeam On Elysium" was played with only one guitar as "unaccompanied guitar solo".

It sounds like minimalismistic contemporary music, but it ain't no simple loop.
The bizarre impressions, two opposite impressions such as "complex but simple" and "simple but complex",
it makes us confused the response to this auditory stimuli.
It resembles the impression made by the rhythmic expression in JINMO's previous album "Gazzeek".

It is peaceful like moonbeam, it makes us thrilled like moonbeam does,
we will find two opposite feelings lighted up in moonbeam.
In this exceptional music experience of three hours long, our souls will be lighted up in eternal moonbeam,
and we will feel like to sympathize with someone in deep space never seen.

Although this album is AAC 320kbps formatted, it is 428.1MB size because of being exceptional 3 hours long spectacular.
We recommend using high speed connection for download.

Light up yourself in the eternal moonbeam on Elysium.