2009/04/01 Released
1 song (total. 51:47) / HQCD (44.1kHz, 16bit)
Bakuboku : JINMO /Cover design by : HARI
Published and Distributed by : Avant-attaque

1. Canaan (51:47)


We are very sorry but "Canaan (HQCD) " is not available for International Orders.

This album is based on a recording of the "Tokuzo" live house in Nagoya, 2006/Jan 31th.
It models the sound of "Tacheles", "Celebration of Existence", "Berlin",
songs that were loved by fans in many performances since 2002.
To answer the wish of many fans, this sound is finally released under the name of "Canaan".

A dramatic and symphonic fiftyone minutes and fourtyseven seconds long lasting melody.
This 1 song is richly packed with characteristic elements from JINMO's recent year's guitar solo style.
All sound in this whole performance is produced with only one guitar,
directly recorded from the stage.

Neither OverDub, Sequencer, MIDI-Guitar,
nor Synthesizer were used to produce this sound experience,
and not a single tone was edited from the live performance.
This album can be seen as a documentation of the pureness of guitar solo,
a work that puts a monument to the untouched grounds of guitar solo expression.

This album is recommended to valued fans of course,
but also to those who have not yet experienced JINMO's sound.