+++ Orchestrated Wires More (ver.2.0) +++

Orchestrated Wires More (ver.2.0)

2011/12/3 Releasediavantattaque-0083j
2016/12/6 Last Update
8 songs (total. 32:06)
Format : Apple Lossless (44.1kHz 16bit)
web streaming
Cover Photo by : Tatsuya Ishiguro
Cover design by : HARI
Created by : JINMO
Published by : Avant-attaque

01. Orchestrated Wires 09 (04:08)

02. Orchestrated Wires 10 (03:50)

03. Orchestrated Wires 11 (03:59)

04. Orchestrated Wires 12 (04:09)

05. Orchestrated Wires 13 (04:05)

06. Orchestrated Wires 14 (04:05)

07. Orchestrated Wires 15 (03:52)

08. Orchestrated Wires 16 (03:58)

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This is the sequel for previous album, the praised "Orchestrated Wires".

You will hear the roar of rainbow shimmering beautiful Bio-mechanoids,
the roar of jubilation on MITONOMAGUAI (mythical, ceremonial sex).
You will hear the beautiful, erotic harmony of myriad infinite length dragons intertwined in orbit.
Their amorous moves beat organically the fluctuated rhythms.

I just wanted to remove the interference of pre established harmony without it loses depth
or scale as symphony which is impossible to compose in improvisation.
The only trouble is, it takes time and effort.

JINMO 2011-09-05

According to descriptions by JINMO, the word in the title "Wires" means "group of nerves in the body, set the internal wiring of electronic equipment, basic elements of strings in superstring theory, and strings on guitar".
Therefore the title "Wires" indicates orchestrated image that intertwined multitudinous of things, things some kind of long.

The sound of "Orchestrated Wires", it is made of many parts including pan in concert with each other and they are orchestrated quite complex, so it supposed be given thorough elaborated mechanical composition. However it gives impression of improvisation filled with freewheeling organic anima on your ears.

You will hear the creak of erotic machines or the breath of mechanical species, and you will feel something exact opposition weaves beautiful chaos in a same space-time.

If you experience "Orchestrated Wires" with headphones at high volume, you will find an explosive silence, complicated purity, and the shimmers of boundlessly free "the beauty of innocence" in the elaborately composed chaos.

"Orchestrated Wires" is a long waited guitar orchestration album since the release of "Binaural Guitars"
(December 16 2011).
Enjoy the resonance of the sound of boundlessly free and innocence with your eardrum and your soul.
We recommend this album for the people who loves progressive contemporary music, edgy techno, experimental music and especially for all guitar lovers.


It comes with Apple Lossless (44.1kHz 16bit) high quality sound.
Web Streaming

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