+++ Lala (ver.2.0) +++

Lala (ver.2.0)

2011/4/28 Releasediavantattaque-0081j
2016/12/6 Last Update
10 songs (total. 48:19)
Format : Apple Lossless (44.1kHz 16bit)
web streaming
Cover Photo by : Takeshi Mano
Cover design by : JINMO
Created by : JINMO
Published by : Avant-attaque

01. Lala 01 (05:05)

02. Lala 02 (04:47)

03. Lala 03 (04:35)

04. Lala 04 (04:52)

05. Lala 05 (04:35)

06. Lala 06 (05:08)

07. Lala 07 (04:36)

08. Lala 08 (05:08)

09. Lala 09 (04:36)

10. Lala 10 (04:57)

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She said
"My name is Lala. Because I'm from Lala Land."
"I'm singing Enochian love songs on ultrasonic bandwidth."
"Dance with the Wolf from Sirius on the border of Eros and Thanatos."

This is my 100th solo album.
And this album is composed as the BGM of sex or masturbation.

-JINMO 04-28-2011

As JINMO's words suggest, Lala has meaning ecstasy, euphoria, trance, and jubilus.
And it is also used as a metaphor for sex and masturbation with slang.

"I'm singing Enochian love songs on ultrasonic bandwidth."
If you analyse this album with spectrum analysis, you would find very
strong binaural beats are hidden on ultrasonic bandwidth in this album.
And you will know what the words of Lala mean...
Yes, it has designed to affect your sexual drive as she said.
The brainwaves would be on alpha stage during sex, but the brainwaves
decrease instantly to theta stage called "theta burst" at orgasm.
In this album "Lala", binaural beats on ultrasonic bandwidth of each track
had composed to change seamlessly between alpha waves and theta waves.

"Dance with the Wolf from Sirius on the border of Eros and Thanatos",
it would be a metaphor for the words "No borders between alive and dead" that JINMO often says.
Lala told us to call for convulsions of art in the jubilant ecstasy with involuntary physical reaction (Glossolalia) as orgasm is likened to "little death".

I, HARI, can't help but feel like strong inevitability that JINMO released "orgasm album" for sex
and masturbation as his 100th album.

This album includes the parts of binaural beats and minutely designed panning.
We strongly recommend to listening with headphones for higher listening experience.


It comes with Apple Lossless (44.1kHz 16bit) high quality sound.
Web Streaming

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