+++ Regarding to the opening of JINMO Gallery +++


Ifve been through a rough time in my life in which I struggled to buy me even a piece of bread.

During the struggle, there were several kind-hearted people reached out to me and financially supported me while saying, gThis is not something Ifm lending you. You have no need to pay me back, alright?.h

Thanks to the help from those people, Ifve been able to devote myself to gTenteki-shigyouh ( the mission with the inseparable coalescence of religions, academics and arts that has been passed down and entrusted spiritually by Godfs arrangement since the primitive age.) that is something I was meant to undertake.

Having been released from the financial struggle, now I started feeling that this is my turn to return the favor that saved my life and my works even though I was told no need to return it but for paying it forward.

Ifve opened my gallery in the penthouse of the commercial building located across from the building of Kabukiza in Ginza 5-chome.

In this most expensive area to rent in Japan, it costs so much for artists to hold a solo exhibition.@

Unless they are the artists who already achieved their status and fame, it is not a rare case that several tens of thousands yen per day, several hundreds of thousands yen per week, about 50% margin per work, additional costs for printing invites and advertising and some miscellaneous expenses can be added up as their expenses.

Just like myself in the past, holding solo exhibitions for those pure-hearted artists by themselves who do not consider it proper to exhibit their works as commodity for business purposes can put them under the extremely difficult conditions like I mentioned even though the location is at the best business district in Japan.

Fortunately, I have so many artists whom Ifve been supporting.

Ifm hoping that purchasing some of their latest works from them during their exhibitions each time to be of some help to support their production activities more or less.

However, the support only from myself is insignificant.

Ifve opened the gallery in hope that they can hold their solo exhibitions in Ginza, which is a prime location while keeping their free spirited souls all alive without any worries about being tied to their financial burdens, commercial restrictions and obligations.

The length of the exhibition period is up to each artist and I do not charge any of them any fees even if itfs a day long, week long, month long, which are the possible lengths to be provided for them.

Since I consider their works as their flesh and blood not commodities, again I do not receive any money for lending my space no matter how much their works get sold for.

All the expenses for the invites to be made and printed are provided by my own self.

I am seriously hoping that they get to be free from the reality of suffering by holding their exhibitions under the harsh conditions.

I am truly hoping that the artists that I love and respect can create their masterpieces for tomorrow without struggling with money to buy them bread.

And I just hope someday those artists would do the same to pay it forward as Ifm doing now to return the favor which I was even told no need to return in the past.

I often hear people saying, gThen, how is JINMO making a profit for himself all after he does not charge any fees for lending the space in Ginza, which is a prime location, any margin, and all the expenses of making the invites for their exhibitions?h

I make no profit.

However, Ifd greatly appreciate it if any of you feel comfortable to make a donation to support this activity by considering it very valuable that the gallery like this is existing here in Ginza now and also agreeing that keeping this galleryfs activity going as good thing so that I can use it to cover the monthly rent and the maintenance fee if you could.

When I was talking about the plan of opening this gallery to my friends, some of them said, gOh, thatfs JINMO Galleryh.

We were using the name temporarily during the opening preparation period but I do feel connected to the naming so Ifd like to keep it as the official name of the gallery.

JINMO Gallery has just opened.

Ifd love to kindly ask everyone for your understanding and support for this gallery to be some help for the birth of the artists' future masterpieces.



--- Avant-attaque ---